Friday, July 29, 2005

Adoption 3: BABY GO HOME!

Emma and Gabriel

Leaving "Ashley" with her Foster Mom, we drove immediately for the nearest BabysRUs - except I couldn't remember where the hell we were going. I think I was having some kind of strange panic when you've had way too much Starbucks and are shakey and can't think straight. We bought a ton of stuff, although I would have been content to just sit and stare off into space in those nice rockers - and then picked up Gabriel and headed to Ashley's foster house. Most people have months to think about having a baby and picture it. I had about 3 hours and a drive down a San Diego freeway.

Spending a few hours with Ashley helped. Taking pictures, holding her, half paying attention to bottle and feeding routines kind of got me out of my stupor. Gabriel liked the baby - and would until the next day when she cried - provoking him to shout, "Baby Go Home!" whereupon he locked himself in the dog cage and refused to come out. It was so exciting but I was worried about everything including whether we should change her name. Fools on April 1st that we were (not really ready to adopt for reasons I won't go into here), and with many questions unanswered, we left her about 6 at night.

The next morning my wife went back to another 80 hour work week, and about 10 a.m. on April 2nd, I had a baby.

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